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We do not like waiting in packed up waiting rooms for hours, nor should you!
After several visits to medical clinics across the province, as patients, and waiting for hours and hours in the waiting rooms with so many other sick people around, we figured that the situation has to be changed. We put all our efforts as a team and developed a one of a kind futuristic & technological solution.

About us

Patient in Line (Patient en Ligne) solutions and technology was developed throughout 2011. A team of IT experts joined together and conceived a one of a kind solution for medical clinics to help serving the patients better. The main purposes of this technology is to avoid potential contagious contact between patients and avoid the waste of time that occurs when a patient has to sit for hours in a waiting room idling. Instead, using our optimized innovative solution, patients can now take a ticket number from the clinic, get registered with us, and receive automatic phone call notifications or text message notifications (SMS) whenever there is a progression in the patient numbers ahead of them. Patients can also view the live progression of patients, online via our website.

Our goal as an IT company specialized in the medical field is to conceive new innovative solutions that will help the patients and ease up the hassle that they have to go through to consult a doctor. We strive to make their journey the least painful and the least exhausting possible and the quality of our solution speak for itself.

“Thank you for the amazing solution. I have always thought that someone that cares enough should invest energy and brain power into a solution to ease patient's suffering in the waiting room because of long hours we sit there. I thank you so much for the efforts and the service that you have brought to us. As a mother with young kids, I have the greatest gratitude towards you and your developers team. Your solution made it easy for me and my kids to consult a doctor. Kids tend to get sick very often, and with a situation where I have no family doctor, I have no choice but to show up at a clinic and wait for hours. Now I can do the waiting from home. Thanks again a trillion times.”
Diana P. - Montréal, Canada


Testimonies and reviews from mothers, students, professionals, businessmen, we heard them all. Postive and more positive. The response was great and the solution was a time saver to most of the patients. Wasting time in waiting room is a loss of productivity. We turned this disadvantage to an advantage to all of our users

Not only we want to make patients profit of this dead time once they attend a clinic for a consultation, but we also want to procure more benefits to the general public: less contagion risk because patients will have less contact with each other, less stress on medical staff and doctors, and better organization of the queuing in medical clinics.

And don't think we are done just yet. Improvements, Research and Development are at the first priorities of our to-do list. We listen to you opinion and suggestions and we integrate them to always make it easier on all of us, and to our doctors and medical staff that has to take good care of us.