Technical Assistance 1-514-316-1838
Patients, Doctors, Clinic Managers...
If you need help whether you are a patient, a doctor, and you require any assistant you will find all the information below to communicate with us. One of our agents will assist you in a timely manner.

To Get Phone Call and Text Message Notifications

Do you already have your patient ticket number? If so, please call the phone number on your ticket to register to the notification of your choice.

Need help? 1-514-316-1838
You can start by clicking here.

For Questions, Suggestions or More information

You can call us directly for questions, suggestions or any other information that you might require, or email us.

phone: 1-514-316-1828
address: Patient En Ligne / Patient In Line

For Doctors, Clinic Owners or Managers Wishing to Integrate Our Services

If you are interested in our solutions, or would want more information or a live demonstration, give us a call or just send us an email and we will schedule an appointment at your convenience.

phone: 1-514-316-1828