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Take advantage of our innovative solution, generate extra revenue & provide a higher quality service to your patients today!
The system that we have developed is made by doctors and patients. We have integrated both parties requirements. We kept in mind the work requirements for the doctor and its medical staff, and we added and faciliated the demands of the patients and stood up to their expectations.
Your clinic does not use our platform?
Contact us now and we will install it! Fast, reliable, free training, very user friendly, and most important: FREE.

Give your patients a high quality service & avoid them the waiting room

At absolutely no cost to the clinic, you can have our virtual waiting system installed and give your clients a high quality service you can be proud of. You can be sure that word to mouth will spread all over your city and your business and image will grow even bigger.

Our revolutionary and innovative solution will help you reduce the size of your waiting room, reduce the stress on your secretary and employees and grow a bigger business with a stronger relationship with your patients.

“Excellent idea, great way to improve the work environment for our medical staff. Our patients are less stressed, our secretaries. As soon as this system was presented me to me, I approved it. I am extremely satisfied.”


All doctors and clininc managers that we have interviewed before launching our online platform were very positive and very welcoming. They loved the system and agreed that the benefits are immense. They loved the advantages that our system will bring to their clinic, their patients, and their staff. And why not integreate technological savoir-faire to your medical practice to ease up the stress on patients and on you and your staff. The adaptation our system to the specific needs of the medical system made our solution revolutionary, easy to adapt, flexible, and it makes everyone's life easier. We do care about patients and doctors and medical staff opinions and we integrated all your requirements to compose an adapted and flexible system to integreate your work ethics.

Our system brings you extra revenue

Contact us to schedule an information session. One of our represenative will have the pleasure to give you a brief exposé on the system and process. Our presentation is easy, fast and time efficient and effective. It won't take much of your time and we will answer all your questions and discuss details that preoccupy you.

Cost? Installation? Support?

The clinic has ABSOLUTELY NO COST whatsoever, everything is covered on our end. We provide all the needed equipment and install it in your clinic within a couple hours (At your convenience; Contact us to schedule an information session).

Our installation and service do not intrude in any way with your computers and software and requires only a web browser access for your secretary (example: Internet Explorer).

Although it is VERY easy to work with and your staff needs less than 5 minutes to learn the process, one of our experts will be present in your clinic to provide support and make sure your staff is comfortable with the system. We also provide full time phone support to your clinic and staff during YOUR business hours in case your clinic needs assistance. We also have a team of support technicians ready to visit your clinic at all time during YOUR business hours (or even before opening, and after closing hours) if needed for any reason. You can have peace of mind.

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