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It is extremely easy to use our system!
We thought of all group ages once we developed our solutions. The system to track your patient number on the go is easy to use, user friendly and it only takes you a few seconds to get the you started!

Go To The Clinic & Get Your Patient Ticket Number

As you usually do, present yourself at the clinic and check in with at the secretary's office. She will then hand you a small paper with a number printed on it. This is your patient ticket number that you need to keep for this consultation.


Sign Up To "Patient in Line" Virtual Waiting Room

Call the phone number associated with your clinic that you can find on your patient paper OR visit the following page to register your ticket number for automatic Phone Call and Text Message (SMS) Notifications and to get your Online access to the ticket numbers progression page of your clinic.

After completing your registration, you can have peace of mind and leave the clinic to proceed to your daily activities while we monitor everything for you and notify you.


Get Notified Periodically On Your Turn Progression

Whether you have chosen the Phone Call Notifications or Text Message Notifications, you will be notified accordingly and periodically so you are aware of how many patients are still ahead of you. You also have the online access to the ticket progression of your clinic on our website that you can consult at all time.

Our notification system will give you a LAST NOTIFICATION notice and ask you to come back to your clinic when the system determines that your turn to consult the doctor is coming up within 30 minutes to an hour.