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    Say good bye to the waiting room
    As a patient, it is hard enough to be sick and tired and having to sit and waiting in a packed waiting room at a medical clinic. Using our service will avoid you the hassle and free you up from being stuck in the waiting room. Click below to learn more.
    Wait for your turn from anywhere!
    Our solution avoids you the waiting time spent in a waiting room, on site, in a medical clinic. Simply check in at your clinic, get your ticket number, and sign up to our service to receive notifications by phone call or text message, or even live on our website. You can monitor the progression of the patients flow ahead of you. You can leave the clinic with peace of mind and let us take care of the waiting for you. We will notify you when it's time to go back to your clinic for your consultation!
    Doctors? This is a solution to reduce stress on the staff!
    Clinic owners and managers: Your staff and secretaries will thank you for implementing our solution in your clinic. Reduce the stress of the waiting room, the stress of patients' inquiries about their upcoming consultation and wait time, and much more.
go to the clinic and take a number sign up to receive constant notifications on your turn progression follow your turn online, by text message, or by phone

Welcome to Patient in Line

"Easy to use", "very advantageous", "highly appreciated" are few expressions that patients have used to describe the Patient in Line services.

No need for an extensive introduction to describe the waiting inconveniences of consulting a doctor across Canada. The major problem for patients, and doctors, is the waiting time that a patient has to endure before getting to the consultation room. Sitting 3 to 6 hours to consult an MD is unpleasant for a sick patient that requires rest. Even if you have a mild case or a minor problem, you will most likely delay your visit to the doctor because of your busy schedule. And regardless of your schedule, you would rather use your time efficiently preferably and not hold in a waiting room for hours.

Patient in Line has designed a unique service and conceived an online platform to palliate these difficulties. As a patient, you only need to present yourself to the clinc to register for a consultation and receive a patient ticket number. You then leave the premisses and sign up with Patient in Line to keep track of the progression of patients at the clinic. You will be informed on the progression via different methods depending on your own preferences. You can receive automated calls to your phone, text messages to your cellphone, or even monitor everything live on our website. You can even use a combination of all the abovementionned methods.

Are you sick? Register and wait for your turn at home, it is undoublty more comfortable than a waiting room. Are you busy at work or have important tasks to get done with? Sign your name at the clinic and go back to your usual tasks, and only come back once your ticket number is about to turn up.

Apart from getting rid of the long waiting hours, what are the benefits of this service? Limit yourself from exposure to potentially contagious patients at the clinic. You do no want to go to the clinic for a mild case and develop collateral problems that you did not have before your visit. If you are waiting with young kids, you already know how hard it is on adults to wait for so long idling at the clinic. The wait is much harder on kids. Let your kids wait at home with you. Moreover, Patient in Line will purge the usual uncertainty at clinics on the number patients waiting ahead of you.

What are the benefits for the health system and doctors and medical staff? Being treated by a doctor is first of all a humane interaction. If patients are stressed, secretaries are stressed, doctors are stressed, then thhe quality of the work environemnt will be diminished. Making the patient's life easier by attenuating the waiting at the clinic makes the work environment much more harmonious and less tense on secretaries and on the medical staff and doctors. This is what psychologists call a win-win situation.

If your clinic does not currently integrate our services, call us to make a request, and why not call your clinic to suggest it.